Tracking incomes and expenses is the cornerstone of effective bookkeeping and accounting, and churches need to ensure that they accounting practices remain above board. These resources help ensure that your church accurately account for all money coming in and going out of the ministry.

Guest Speaker/Honorarium Form

This disbursement form is specifically designed to help leaders collect and capture all of the necessary information for guest speakers/ministers who visit your church.

Guest Speaker/Honorarium Procedure

Use this step-by-step procedure as a tool for adequately documenting and disbursing honorariums to guest speakers/ministers who come to your church.

Guest Speaker/Honorarium Policy

There are specific rules when giving an honorarium to guest speakers/ministers. There’s also a difference between an honorarium and a speaker fee. Use this policy

Disbursement Request Form

A disbursement form should be submitted – along with all relevant receipts – to the finance team (church treasurer) in order for anyone to be

Disbursement Procedure

The disbursement procedure is a detailed step-by-step process that explains how checks get written, as well as the proper forms and documentation needed to account

Account Reimbursement Policy

This reimbursement policy provides a framework on how money gets disbursed in the church. This is policy is probably one of the most important because

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