Ministry: Startup

Sample: Trustee Meeting Minutes

Your church must keep accurate meeting minutes of each board meeting. Use this template as a guide for keeping regular and detailed minutes of the

Sample FEIN Application

Your Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) is essential – even if you don’t have employees. You will need it to open a bank account and

Sample Church Bylaws

Your bylaws are your rules and how your organization will operate. Use this template as a starting point for writing and adopting bylaws that fit

Articles of Incorporation

Most states have a form that you should complete in order to incorporate your church, however for those states that allow you to create your

Church Startup Checklist

This is a quick checksheet that should be used to verify that your church has all of its legal documents in place in order to

Conflict of Interest Template

A conflict of interest policy is a required document by the IRS and some states in order to ensure that your church has been formed

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