Label: Templates

Sample: Trustee Meeting Minutes

Your church must keep accurate meeting minutes of each board meeting. Use this template as a guide for keeping regular and detailed minutes of the

Sample FEIN Application

Your Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN) is essential – even if you don’t have employees. You will need it to open a bank account and

Sample Church Bylaws

Your bylaws are your rules and how your organization will operate. Use this template as a starting point for writing and adopting bylaws that fit

Articles of Incorporation

Most states have a form that you should complete in order to incorporate your church, however for those states that allow you to create your

Conflict of Interest Template

A conflict of interest policy is a required document by the IRS and some states in order to ensure that your church has been formed

Ministry Calendar

This calendar can be used to help keep ministry and department activities on track, as well as identify any resources needed to get it done.

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