Label: Policies

Document Retention Policy

Your church should have a policy that clearly specifies how long business documents should be kept within your church. This retention policy gives you a

Guest Speaker/Honorarium Policy

There are specific rules when giving an honorarium to guest speakers/ministers. There’s also a difference between an honorarium and a speaker fee. Use this policy

Church Travel Policy

Everyone traveling on behalf of the church should follow a policy that dictates eligible travel and the types of expenses that can be reimbursed during

Petty Cash Policy

A petty cash policy is a convenient way to disperse small amounts of cash for miscellaneous items needed to operate the church.

Housing Allowance Policy

Every church needs a documented housing allowance policy that properly compensates the Senior Pastor, meets defined IRS guidelines, and accurately tracks funds for housing.

Credit Card Policy

Paying expenses by credit and/or debit card is a convenient method of disbursement for churches, especially when you’re small. This policy will help begin to

Account Reimbursement Policy

This reimbursement policy provides a framework on how money gets disbursed in the church. This is policy is probably one of the most important because

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