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Volunteer/Employee Exit Survey

When people leave your organization – or make the decision to stop serving – it’s helpful to give them an opportunity to express what they

Guest Speaker/Honorarium Form

This disbursement form is specifically designed to help leaders collect and capture all of the necessary information for guest speakers/ministers who visit your church.

Travel Reimbursement Form

This travel reimbursement form can be used by anyone approved to travel on behalf of the church who needs to be reimbursed for such travel.

Mileage Reimbursement Form

This form should be used to track mileage incurred on a personal vehicle for church use. It provides the proper documentation needed for reimbursement.

Disbursement Request Form

A disbursement form should be submitted – along with all relevant receipts – to the finance team (church treasurer) in order for anyone to be

Credit/Debit Card Form

This is a simple expense form that should be used by anyone who uses a credit/debit card for purchases on behalf of the church.

Ministry & Department Budget Form

Each department leader should forecast their future program expenses for the upcoming fiscal year. These department/ministry budget sheets give leaders a simple template to properly

Minister Housing Allowance Form

Before a church disperses funds for a housing allowance, the IRS mandates that any approved allowance be voted on and documented by the Board of

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